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Founded with an aim to create fashion-forward swimwear with a conscience, our story begins and ends in the ocean.

In 2018 we started our journey of designing long lasting swimwear made out of recycled plastic.

Travelling from a young age, our founder Lieke van Hulsbergen was always aware of the relationship between humans and the environment. And really fell in love with the ocean.

When se grew up it was on a trip to Thailand and Indonesia that she realised just how much of an impact waste disposal was having on the planet, and decided to do something about it.

TET. Swimwear's primary focus is to build a brand that effectively tackles debris reduction, particularly the plastic that litters the sea. All of our swimwear is crafted from Repreve – an innovative, high-quality performance fabric that's made from plastic waste and industrial nylon waste.

Not only are our pieces made from sustainable materials, they are either reversible or interchangeable; so once you purchase an item from our collection you can wear it again next season.

Using waste from the ocean to create on-trend and high quality recycled swimwear that will eventually find itself back there through the wearer, the circle is complete.

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The mass of plastic debris present in the oceans is so enormous that it is called the "7th continent". At this rate, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.

Since its commercial development in the 1950s, plastic has been a real success. Its global production is growing exponentially. Its success comes from its remarkable qualities: ease of shaping, low cost, etc. It is the ideal material for packaging. We see plastic everywhere, but they forget one thing. Because it isn’t a natural product, it doesn't decompose the same way organic material does. We have to find new ways to reuse plastic in new products and reduce our plastic use. Why not where a recycled bikini? 

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Nylon waste rescue

Discarded fishnets, used plastic bottles and other nylon waste is collected by specialized organizations. 



The recycled materials are melted down and is regenerated through depolymerisation that returns it to its virgin form. This means after this process we get high quality nylon.


New high innovative material

Our fabric suppliers are weaving high quality fabric from the recycled yarn. 


TET. Swimwear

We make durable high quality recycled swimwear which you can mix and match. All our items are either interchangeable or reversible.


We use the product UNIFIBER; recycled nylon is made from post-Industrial waste that is all recycled and saving waste from going to landfill. Recycled waste gets melted into chips and extruded into yarn.


We also use Econyl, a 100% regenerated nylon made from abandoned fishing nets and nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world. Carvico is mixing econyl with spandex to get the ultimate fit and comfort. We are very happy to take a little part in helping to reduce the consumption of plastic in our beautiful world.




Linen is a luxurioys fabric which you want to wear all summer around. Linen is one of the most biodegradable fabrics there is. Besides that linen is strong and will last long, linen is made from flax plant fibres, which are (when not dyed) fully biodegradable.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, from seeds which have not been genetically modified. Organic farming practices avoid using harmful chemicals while aiming for the use of less resources.

We want to improve every collection in using more and more responsible materials. To keep improving we would love to hear your feedback... so feel free to join and help us in this journey and share us your ideas.

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We work with carefully selected suppliers in China and Indonesia. We work together in long-term relationships and try to set deadlines that are manageable so we do not have to push people that are working with care for our brand.

Our head swimwear supplier has a BSCI audit, which means they use a general code of conduct.




We use recycled plastic packaging or biodegradable packaging to pack all our products.

Due to trade regulations, we are required to ship all our recycled swimwear styles in packaging. By swapping to biodegradable bags we save thousands of single-use plastic bags from entering our environment per collection.